RTA Business Complaints Advice

Top Five Tips for Handling Business Complaints

If you want to take the sting out of complaints and make sure that they don’t damage your chance of selling your business, take note and follow this week’s RTA Business Complaints advice.

RTA Business Consultants Complaints Procedure

We’ve had a lot of success here at RTA Business. A company designed to help you make the most money you can when you decide it’s time to sell up and move on, we’ve built up our service by listening to our customers.

Even when our customers have a problem we listen, that’s why we have an RTA Business complaints procedure. We listen, use those complaints to build a better service, then we deal with those complaints to make sure that they don’t drive new customers away.

RTA Business’ Top Five Tips for Handling Complaints

That’s what you need to do, and if you’re not sure how you should be handling complaints, take a leaf out of our book with these top five tips:

1)      Handle it Efficiently: Address the problem and deal with it as quickly as possible. This way the customer gets what they want and goes away.

2)      Handle it Nicely: Be nice. Customers are often far more willing to be reasonable when you talk to them like people and not an irritating fly you’re trying to swat away.

3)      Handle it Amusingly: Have you ever seen those Twitter campaigns that take a complaint, engage it and use it to make people laugh? Laughter is the best medicine and it makes the complainer look petty; nine times out of ten they’ll go away out of sheer embarrassment.

4)      Handle it Politely: Different from ‘handle it nicely,’ handling a complaint politely involves saying all your pleases and thankyous and showing respect. This shows a customer you value their complaint and makes them feel as if they are being listened to, which they often see as half the battle.

5)      Handle it Correctly: Make sure you have all the facts right. If you don’t, the customer will know and will come back, making the problem worse. If the facts are on your side, a customer will go away when you point that out, as they realise they have no case.

Once the customer has been dealt with, remember to take on board what they have to say so that you can make our company as attractive as possible to a potential buyer. In the spirit of taking our own advice, we have an RTA Business complaints procedure, and please feel free to use it should you feel the need.