RTA Business Complaints Advice: Handle Customer Complaints like O2

If you’re looking to sell your business and you don’t want customer complaints to damage your chances with a potential buyer, RTA Business would advise you take a leaf out of 02’s book.

RTA Business: Complaints are a Minefield

Throughout the years RTA Business has built a reputation for brokering the best possible deal we can for you, when you decide it’s time to sell your business. Come to us for help getting the sale through and you’ll have all the experience you need on your side to sell your company off for a huge profit.

Our experience has taught us what buyers are, and more importantly are not, looking for. Complaints comes top of the list for the latter. They indicate a faulty product, a sub-standard service and a headache that most buyers will just think isn’t worth the hassle. Those that do, will use it as an excuse to undervalue your business.

Honey is Sweeter than Vinegar

That’s why you need to make sure that you get complaints under control as soon as possible. You may think that one person with one voice can’t shout that loudly, but with modern social media on their side, one voice can echo around the world and damage your reputation, along with your bottom line, forever.

There are many ways you can handle complaints, but want some RTA Business complaints advice? We say that you should remember the phrase ‘honey is sweeter than vinegar’ and handle it by being nice. Take a leaf out of O2’s Book.

O2: A Case Study in How to Handle Business Complaints

The BBC featured an article on the power of the Twitter complaint and spoke to expert David Schneider, who runs social media consultancy That Lot. He spoke of a Twitter campaign that was provoked by an outage on the O2 network.

He then praised the way 02 handled the Twitter complaints campaign, saying that: “They happened to have a very skilful, self-deprecating, humorous person on their Twitter feed at that time who dealt with the abuse in a very amusing way.”

An Amazing PR Opportunity

Can you believe it, they got complaints and actually turned them into good press! It made 02 look good and negated the bad press that could have been generated by the dreaded viral Twitter complaints campaign. If you’re looking to make sure that complaints don’t effect the sale of your business, follow O2’s amazing example!

How Can You Market Your Business to a Potential Buyer?

In this economy, one which is experiencing sustained growth, for many people it’s finally the right time to sell their business. However in order to sell it, you have to market it. So how can you market your business to a potential buyer?

At RTA Business we’ve established a reputation for finding the most advantageous deals for customers looking to sell their business. This has led us to become one of the UK’s leading business acquisition firms. This means that we know how to market a business to potential buyers.

Naturally the first port of call for anyone looking to sell their business is a business acquisition firm with an established business acquisition firm such as RTA Business. We have the experience and the contacts that you don’t to ensure that you make the right deal for you. This isn’t the kind of thing that you can go at alone.

However there’s more that you need to know. FIrst of all, whatever strategy you use to market your business, make sure that it emphasises your unique selling point.

Your unique selling point is the thing about your business that makes it different from any other out there. The market place is crowded and there will be so many people who offer a similar service. Why should the buyer come to you? 

However it’s also about getting the word out about your business. In 2014 social media is more important in our lives than ever. You can’t grow as a business without it and increasingly it’s harder to sell your business without it.              

Post on Facebook, hash tag every opportunity you get, take instagram pictures that hook people in. Make videos and Google Plus accounts. These reach out to people in a way that traditional advertising doesn’t. Not only will this catch a potential buyer’s eye but it will also go further to convince them that you are a modern company that is worth their interest.

However through search engines social media profiles have another advantage. If you optimise (use your industry specific keyword in your profile content) your profile effectively the nature of these sites mean that they rank well on Google.

Google is more important than ever these days. When people want something, they Google it. They tend to only look at the first page of results as well. Buyers looking to expand are the same. You need to be on that first page.

Marketing is essential when you are looking to sell your business. If the potential buyer doesn’t know why they should buy, they’re never going to.