Guess What Happened with the UK Manufacturing Recovery? It Continued!

Business confidence in the UK was spurred to new heights this week, as the government announced the continued recovery of the country’s manufacturing sector. What does this strengthened economic position mean for you, if you are looking to sell your business?

Economic Recovery Is Great for Selling Businesses!

At RTA Business we exist for one purpose. If you are looking to cash in on your hard earned company by selling it, we are here to make it as quick, easy and profitable as possible. Part of that service involves keeping you up to date on the state of the country’s economy, so you know when you’re likely to see the highest return from selling your business.

That’s why we’re increasingly finding that now is a pretty fantastic time to sell. The UK economy is in full-fledged recovery, as evidenced by a general trend of strong data showing the emerging strength of the country’s financial situation. This has resulted in a sharp rise in business leader confidence, a key motivation by for the formation of the expansion plans that often persuade buyers to get out and purchase your business to increase their own profit margins.

RTA Business on the Direct Correlation

As previously mentioned, the trajectory of economic strength is measured by business data and one of the strongest indicators is manufacturing figures. This is because of the heavy role manufacturing plays in this country’s business climate. There is a direct correlation.

Specifically, according to sources such as BBC News, UK factory output has continued to enjoy one of its strongest growth periods for the past 22 years last month, according to the Markit/CPS UK Manufacturers Purchasing Index (PMI). Although it slightly slipped from 57.3 to 57.0, it stayed well above the 50 reading on the index that indicates growth.

Markit Comments on the Positives of Manufacturing Growth

This means that the PMI has indicated strong manufacturing growth since March last year, which has provided some real positives, according to industry expert, Rob Dobson, a senior economist at Markit. He spoke to the BBC on the issue.

Dobson said: “Sustaining the rebound and continuing to push towards rebalancing the UK economy towards manufacturing therefore remains critical. On those scores the latest survey provides some real positives.”

At RTA Business we would have to agree, and further argue that this will no doubt increase business leader confidence, as trends indicate a robustness to the market that is in no danger of slowing down any time. It really is a good time to sell your business!